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Policy Statement



District Policy

School Climate: School will be safe, orderly and foster an atmosphere of student achievement.

Student Achievement: Achievement levels for all students will increase significantly--grade level achievement for grade level placement.

Coordinated Curriculum: Basic skills in the areas of Reading, Mathematics and Language Arts will be identified at all grade levels and sequenced for success (50% or Higher) in the classroom, Iowa Test of Basic Skills Achievement Test.

Staff Development: Principals and Teachers will be empowered through building Leadership teams and the Effective Schools Program to assess their building’s needs and address them as related to student achievement.

Multicultural Education: Teachers and students of diverse social, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds will learn and positively interact with each other, as well as learn through multicultural educational material and in a culturally salient educational environment.

Parent/Community Involvement: Parents and community will become more involved in the achievement of students in Posen-Robbins School District 143½.