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Measurement of Student Growth

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Purposeful assessment practices help teachers understand what students have learned, their level of proficiency, and what they need to learn next. In PRSD 143½ we recognize no one assessment can provide teachers with sufficient information to plan for teaching and learning. Therefore, we use different types of assessments as part of instruction results in useful information about student understanding and progress.  As our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) collaborate to improve student learning results, we ask 4 Questions: 

  • What are the essential outcomes that we expect students to learn? 
  • How will we know if they are learning? 
  • What will we do when students already are proficient? 
  • How do we respond when students don't learn? 


Assessments help us to measure student growth and the proficiency of teaching and learning in the district. In Posen-Robbins School District we utilize a combination of authentic, formative, summative, and standardized assessments to monitor student growth. Administrators and teachers within our schools use a multitude of data sources to improve programs and instruction. Our students in grades 3rd -8th grade take the IAR, DLM, ACCESS and ISA State Assessments. 

These tests measure individual student achievement relative to the Illinois Common Core State Standards in math, science and English language arts. The results give parents, teachers and administrators one measure of student learning and school performance.  


IAR tests are computer based. During the last State testing cycle our 4 buildings received commendable status of our student growth outcomes. Scores are published on the School Report Cards yearly for IAR, DLM and ISA. Stakeholders can access the official state website below for information about public schools across Illinois. They can use this site to find school data, including academic performance, school environment, student and educator demographics, and highlights provided by schools.   


Illinois Report Card


Regular assessments in the district help guide academic services, enhance classroom instructional strategies and measure student learning.  Along with classroom assessments, we use NWEA-MAP to measure student growth in PRSD 143.5 throughout the academic year. NWEA-MAP is given 3 times a year to all students in grades kindergarten through 8th.  Additionally, we use IXL and IStation to progress monitor between testing windows.  

Assessment Schedule